Creation of new "UNO GOODIFY" playing cards

On commission of the prestigious company GOODIFY, the brand new GOODI playing cards were created, unique, minimalist, collectible! A refined design for a deck of cards that makes a game to discover with friends or family captivating and fun. A project that sees at the center of everything a great message of values ​​and economic sharing conceived by the Italian non-profit company.

A meticulous job ...

For the development of the playing cards, a deep study was made on the icons, fonts and colors to be used. Multiple graphic variations to best finalize the clarity of the meaning of the card while keeping its minimalist soul unchanged. The action cards are outlined by icons designed specifically for GOODIFY, which with a few simple strokes give the player the meaning of the action to be performed, at this point all that remains is to say ... the game is ready, give the cards and let's go!

Come and discover GOODIFY: